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Our Speciality

Wal Nuts

Origins / Growing Areas
The most important growing areas are California (USA), India and China. Beside these main origins, France, Moldavia, Kyrgyzstan and Chile are processors of Walnut kernels. The quality of these various origin differ but each origin finds an application and is being bought for specific purposes.

Product Specification
Grades / Varieties
Walnut kernels from India and China are graded in Halves, Quarters and Pieces. The 2nd grading is done by color resulting in Light, Light Amber and Amber color.
The main reason for this selection is that goods are shelled manually, whereas in the USA, walnuts are shelled by machine.
In USA they have a different type of grading. They are selecting on colour and percentage of Halves (for example LHP80% means Light Halves and Pieces with a minimum of 80% halves).