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Origins / Growing Areas
The largest growing area is the USA. The pecan grows in the ‘pecan belt’ which covers an area from Arizona in the West to North and South Caroline in the East of the USA. The next largest producing country is Mexico, followed by Australia and South Africa.
A lot of the Mexican product finds its way into the USA shelling plants but of late the local market in Mexico has grown considerably.

Product Specification
Grades / Varieties
Pecannut kernels are mainly sold as kernels and are graded in different sizes. During the shelling process a part of the kernels breaks and thus pieces are being produced, which are sorted over a screen to have equally sized product.

Mammoth Halves, 200/250
Junior Mammoth Halves, 250/300
Jumbo Halves, 300/350
Extra Large Halves, 350/450
Large Halves, 450/550
Medium Halves, 550/650
Topper Halves, 650/800
All are pieces per pound.

Mammoth pieces, over 8/16” screen
Extra Large Pieces, through 9/16” & over 8/16” screen
Large Pieces, through 8/16” & over 6/16” screen

Large/ Medium Pieces, through 6/16” & over 5/16” screen
Medium Pieces, through 5/16” & over 4/16” screen
Small Pieces, through 4/16” & over 3/16” screen
Midget Pieces, through 3/16” & over 1/8” screen
Granules, through 1/8” & over 5/64” screen
Meal, through 5/64” screen